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Explore, listen, collect : Whatizis - your travel companion to tell you all about a number of towns and cities - Paris, Rennes (Brittany), Dieppe (Normandy)…
You can access the best professional guides on demand (audio).

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Louvre Pyramid background image

What is this monument ?

On-demand Guide

Louvre Pyramid image

Louvre Pyramid

Inaugurated in 1989

Architect : Ieoh Ming Pei

at 11:45 am


What is this monument ?

On-demand Guide


The castle

Construction between 14th-16th century

at 12:26 am

Dome of the Invalides background image

What is this monument ?

On-demand Guide

Dome of the Invalides image

Dome of the Invalides

Inaugurated in 1706

Architect : Jules Hardouin-Mansart (1646 - 1708)

à 13h59


What is this monument ?

On-demand Guide


Petit Théâtre / Memorial

Inaugurated in 1826

at 12:26 am

fontaine de l'observatoire image de fon

What is this monument ?

On-demand Guide

fontaine de l'observatoire cartouche

Observatory Fountain

Inaugurated in 1874

Sculptors : J.-B. Carpeaux, E. Frémiet

at 12:26 am


What is this monument ?

On-demand Guide


Statue Abraham DUQUESNE

Erected in 1844

at 12:26 am

More than walking


Have you ever stood in front of a monument and asked yourself : « What is this ? »
With just a photo, Whatizis finds the answer and gives you all the info.
More than 500 Paris monuments are identifiable with the app.

More than reading


Guides are "on demand" to recount historical events and fascinating trivia surrounding the monuments. Get the best anecdotes from the professionals and share them with family and friends!

More than remembering


Your « travel journal » archives all your cultural visits and favourites: with Whatizis, you can share memories and discoveries from your trip with your friends!

L’Arc de Triomphe

Inaugurated in 1836

Achitect : J.-F. Chalgrin

at 10:12 am

Stimulate your curiosity: artificial intelligence is at your service for discovering Paris. :)

Identify a remarkable or unusual monument

Our visual search technology is a fun way to identify out-of-the-ordinary buildings, local cultural gems and little-known sites..

Get an answer immediately – no need to search or even look down

Your on-demand guide replies instantly to the question: ’what is this?’ Simply take a photo of the monument and choose the audio you want.

July Column

Inaugurated in 1840

Architects : J.-L. Duc, J.-A. Alavoine

at 11:04 am

Commentary by experienced guides

The Whatizis guides are professionals, available 24/7.

Passionate about history, they are keen to pass on their knowledge: the story behind a building or a sculpture, anecdotes from past and present. Whatizis presents the monuments in short-form content, with universal appeal.

"Key Facts"


New !

Seine-Maritime, The
1st department on the app

Discover three new destinations right away !

Rouen, Le Havre and Dieppe joined up with Whatizis in June 2023 : 75 monuments are identifiable with commentary.
A new way to appreciate the rich heritage of these Norman towns.

New !

500 monuments à la carte

A guide for the world’s top tourist destination

The app lets you identify historical or unusual monuments, while exploring the capital, just by taking a photo. There are no fewer than 500 buildings, statues, fountains, street art murals….just shazam away and see Paris through fresh eyes.

All the towns and cities available with one app !